About Us

Adult Models USA (AMUSA), is a division of FCF Agency, was founded in 2002. Headquartered in Rohnert Park, an hour north of San Francisco, we are a California-licensed model agency (Lic.#TA-324990-1) that has established a reputation for recruiting exceptional talent for the adult entertainment industry. The agency was originally conceived to recruit talent for our own productions, but demand for our models by other production companies and photographers has led us to open our Talent Portfolio to other qualified industry professionals.

Amateur talent has long been a mainstay of our Portfolio. We strive to provide a comfortable, supportive and non-intimidating working environment, with a staff sensitive to the needs of those new to the business. As such, we do not work with companies known to engage in unprofessional behavior, and choose to work only with qualified studios sharing business standards similar to our own.

We have first-hand experience working with most of the models you will see on this website. Many of them worked with us as their introduction to the industry, and some have developed highly successful careers as adult entertainment performers.

Some AMUSA models did not get their start with us, or have not worked with us directly, but come with excellent recommendations from their previous adult entertainment employers, and we can reliably recommend them to our industry clients.

Other models are new to our Portfolio – promising rookies that we offer with no direct experience of their performance abilities. They have either been recruited by us or have requested exposure and representation through AMUSA.